FOR.TEX has a wide range of dyes at its disposal which are the result of an accurate selection of products and suppliers.

The following types of dyes are available:

  • Direct
  • Acid
  • Pre-metallized
  • Disperse
  • Reactive (for printing and dyeing)
  • Tinting
  • Natural

Nippon Kayaku is the largest Japanese manufacturer of dyes for the textile industry, known for the high quality of its products.

In Italy, the products of Nippon Kayaku may be purchased through FOR.TEX.

The following Nippon Kayaku’s series are available:

  • Direct dyes KAYARUS
  • Pre-metallized dyes KAYAKALAN
  • Disperse dyes KAYALON POLYESTER

The following specialties are also available:

  • KAYACRYL ED: modified basic dyes, made ​​compatible with other classes of dyes, such as direct and disperse, which allow an easy dyeing of the anionic modified acrylic or polyester fiber blends.
  • KAYACELON REACT: reactive dyes able to react with cellulosic fibers only for the effect of temperature, thus making it possible the reactive dyeing at neutral pH, particularly advantageous for the correction of shades and for blend fibers dyeing with one bath and one phase processing.