Comfort is a sense of well-being induced by a state of balance with the surrounding environment that implies a very small effort to adapt ourselves to the surrounding environment. The comfort feeling originates from the thermo-hygrometric balance, i.e., from the temperature and humidity parameters in the very nearness to the skin. It is also necessary that the temperature and humidity variations are small in order to avoid continuous adjustments by our body.

Some textile fibers, like wool, have high thermo-regulation capacity, so they are especially suitable for Summer and Winter clothing, always with excellent comfort levels. Other fibers, like cotton or polyester, are not as versatile as wool: it is possible to manufacture garments able to give a good comfort feeling only under specific conditions. In fact, their use outside such conditions generates a discomfort situation. In order to give more comfort, it  is necessary to modify the fabrics, manufactured with such fibers, so to improve their capability of keeping warm or cool.

DAIWA CHEMICAL has developed thermo-stabilizer micro-capsules containing a substance able to settle the temperature of the fabric to 25°C or 31°C, releasing or absorbing the fusion heat. So, in transitory situations, like moving from air conditioned places to warm places or from heated places to cold places, it is possible to increase the comfort feeling for a few minutes.

The micro-capsules with a phase change temperature of 25°C are especially suitable for Winter clothing while the micro-capsules with a phase change temperature of 31°C are especially suitable for Summer clothing.

The micro-capsules are suitable for cotton, polyester and their blend fabrics and are applied using a traditional acrylic binder by padding or by printing at a concentration of 80-100 g/l. The binder baking follows.