MONNA LISA® can be definitely ranked at the top of the international market of textile digital printers for production and sampling.

MONNA LISA® was created thanks to the union of the Como textile experience with Epson’s ink-jet technology and provides the modern answer to all the productivity problems related to digital printing on textile fabrics.

MONNA LISA® is the digital printer manufactured by F.lli Robustelli Srl that used their most innovative mechanical and technical solutions.

The use of Piezoelectric printheads, designed and supplied by Epson and the GENESTA® inks, studied in collaboration with Epson and distributed by FOR.TEX Srl, complete the perfect combination of technology and productivity.

The project MONNA LISA® and GENESTA® fits into a forefront context at an international level, that has been developed with the specific aim of ensuring the highest printing quality and mass production.

Nine reactive inks, ten acid inks, eight disperse inks and eight pigment inks are supplied in 1 liter and 3 liter cartridges, fully exhaustible. The GENESTA® inks cover a wide and perfectly balanced color range.

GENESTA® and PREGEN® pretreatment products with MONNA LISA® ensure the highest printing quality, without waste of ink, production downtime and processing waste.