For a correct digital printing, it is necessary that the blanket has the right degree of adhesiveness.

The blanket of the MONNA LISA® printer requires a coating with a permanent adhesive and, for this purpose, the series ATRAFIX ML was created. These are special solvent-based copolymers (available in 4 Kg drums) and their application on the blanket is very easy. It is possible to blend the various adhesives in order to get the best result for each type of fabric.
It is suggested to carry out a periodical cleaning of the blanket using the ATRACLEAN ML solution that allows the removal of the accumulated dirt, thus restoring the initial adhesion.
To redo completely the adhesive, it is necessary to remove totally the old one using the product ADHESOLV ML (non-flammable and environmentally friendly solvent).

ATRAFIX ML/TThermoplast adhesive> 30°CVery Good
ATRAFIX ML/SPermanent adhesiveHighGood
ATRAFIX ML/KPermanent adhesiveVery HighVery Good
ATRAFIX NYPermanent adhesiveVery HighVery Good
ATRAFIX ML/PPRSpecial resinGood
UNILEVEL MLLeveling resinVery Good
ATRACLEAN MLCleaner and refresherNANA
ADHESOLV MLAdhesive removerNANA